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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  December 17, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EST

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] glenn: hello, america, we're going to get to the person of the year, but these are the questions on tonight's program, is our military for sale, because if they are, and it is true, and we have three sources on it now, and if it is true, i mean, how much closer do you get to treason? the second one is jesus a safe word? i don't know if jesus is it anymore. and who should have been "time's" man of the year? they picked ben bernanke because, quote, the weak economy could have been much weaker. isn't he part of making the economy weak as the man who runs the federal reserve? ben bernanke, the guy who has given us everything that america hates right now, tarp, too big
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to fail, stimulus, bank bailouts, 7 million jobs lost, george w. bush was the worst president since herbert hoover, but this guy, who was appointed by bush we're supposed to thank him? there are 300 congressmen lining up to audit the fed. they won't audit charlie rangel or chris dodd. they want to audit him and "time" says we should be thankful. i will tell you why he is the person of the year coming up, and answer the question who should be "time's" person of the year? come on, follow me. hell hoe, america. are you ready? yeah. phone is still working. white house, call me at any time. if there is something wrong, call me. and you might want to call
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today. all right. so ben bernanke is the person of the year. i think of him kind of as the saddam hussein of economics. he is one of the fat cats, i think, that the president keeps saying is causing the problem, you know, the people that were in there the whole time just making up new rules! i mean, how was he not part of the problem? he was on the board of governors for the federal reserve system from 2002 to 2005. he was the chairman of the president's economic council of advisors from 2005 to january 2006, bush years n february 2006, he was appointed by george w. bush as a member of the board for a 14-year term and to a four-year term as chairman of the fed. these are the people who caused the problem. he is the person of the year and it's a good thing? wall street, banking c.e.o.'s, they're crucified but the government guy, who's not really
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even a government guy who oversaw the tanking of our economy is applauded? it's like a doctor beating the crap out of somebody and then healing them. i mean, they're never going to be able to walk again but hey, i stitched them back together. oh, my gosh, you are the person of the year. you got to be kidding! now, ben bernanke's winning was bad enough, but then i went to the other finalists, and that was much, much worse. remember what we're looking for here. was the person of the year -- who affected this year more than anybody else? ok. first of all, it has got to be barack obama. really, is there anybody who has affected this country more than barack obama? here is what they decided to narrow it down to -- first guy,
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yossein bolt. who is that guy? is that a jamaican flag? does anybody know? jamaica? apparently he runs fast. but he was up against general stanley mcchrystal. ok. i like this guy, but isn't this the guy that has been ignored by barack obama for months on end? ok. he was the person of the year. he was ignored by him and then the president didn't do it. i don't understand that. then, person of the year, nancy pelosi. i would give her man of the year. then steve jobs. what was -- i mean, really, he survived and that's a good thing. he lived throughout the year. that's great. congratulations on that, but you're the one who affected the country the most or the planet the most? and here is my favorite finalist, the chinese worker.
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now, i didn't get an explanation of which chinese worker. i don't know, maybe it was the one that dipped our toys in lead paint or the one that poisoned all the dog food. i'm not sure. i mean, i could go for the chinese worker if "time" magazine spun it this way -- these are the shaves that now enslaving you. because they own us now but i don't think that's the angle "time" magazine is going for. what do we have? fast runners, i-pod creates and people employed in chinese sweatshops making i-pods. gee, i can't think of anybody that might have affected this country at all in the last year, "time" magazine, can't think of any -- oh, i don't know, any protestors or anything. i mean, there hadn't been any disagreements with this president at all. i'm just thinking, who could it be? who are they missing? you know, i mean, the progressives are jamming bills down our throats and america is just taking it. there is no questions asked,
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right? there is nobody standing in the street. wait a minute. isn't that tea party thing that's going on, you know, 9/12 movement? you know, it's funny. i went to and looked at the pictures in review and it doesn't have any of these, no, no pictures of the 9/12 rallies or tax day tea party protests happening all over the country. are these some of the more memorable pictures of 2009? no, no, no. according to "time" magazine, no, not these, no. this one. this is on the "time" magazine website most memorable picture. not these people. not these people. "time" magazine most memorable moment. this one. a house with a moss floor. not give me liberty or give me death, no, no, no.
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michael jackson's brothers wearing gloves. not all these people, no, no. another picture of sad myrrh putin with his shirt off. that's -- i mean, that is a memorable moment. it will take me months before i can get that one out of my head. not these, no, no. this one you will understand immediately. you don't want to put these people into the most memorable moments, people that made a difference, no, no. these people, they don't get a mention, not even a shoutout, no. instead, how could you possibly fit these people into a magazine about the year when you've got a koala with an i.v.? cindy sheehan brought 40 people to crawford, texas, the media darling for wrecking the vacation of george w. bush. this is 2005, year-end review, people that mattered, 2005. how do you tell the full complete story of america and
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totally miss, oh, i don't know, well, you can't. well, how do you do that? how do you tell the story of america this year, and show this, but not this? how do you do that? i mean, you got the moss floor. you got to have that one, but you don't want to -- the dust storm was much more important to us than this. this is the movement that has stopped the government healthcare debacle from happening. remember, they wanted it passed by august 1st. what else is slowing it down? what else is holding it up? there is no opposition from republicans. they can't do it. they don't have the numbers. democrats, why are they not voting for it? the only thing stopping them voting for it is fear, fear of their re-election chances, because of you, because of you. at the very least, i expected
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"time" magazine to, you know, just treat the tea party protestors and the 9/12ers in the ways we have grown accustomed to, the journalists covering them, oh, those tea bagger people standing in the way of reform, that kind of thing, but this is even worse than being, you know, called names, intimidated, shan dered, lame sex jokes, calling them terrorists, et cetera. millions of americans are united in a belief that the government is out of control and needs to scale back spending and corruption and special interests, who are publicly demonstrating their frustration at healthcare town halls on tax day, 9/12. many of these people have never done anything like this before. they're not even being mocked anymore. they're being erased. you don't exist. this isn't unexpected for anyone who really listens to the obamas and takes them at their word. i want to may some audio that
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michelle obama has said in the past. listen carefully. >> barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices. we are going to have to change our conversations. we're going to chain our traditions, our history. we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation. glenn: we're going to have to change our traditions and change our history. those people just blew by that, what is she talking about, what does that mean? well, you're starting to see it now. changing history means not just telling the same old tall tales of the free market system and how people on wall street have horns or how all the founders were slave owners, no, no, no. history, according to the progressives has already been told. this isn't spinning old facts. this is taking current events and molding them to fit the progressive agenda in this case, it's just erasing history, e erasing what really happened. what else did michelle obama say?
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she said "change traditions." ok. what are our traditions? well, here is some facts for you tonight, america. did you know that 92 of americans believe in god? 92%. why are we having the argument? 92%. 83% believe public schools should celebrate religious holidays. 66% say they will celebrate christmas as a religious holiday honoring the birth of jesus christ. only 6% of america does not celebrate christmas at all, and 3% are not sure how to answer these questions. this is who america is. we are a faith-based nation. we have people that disagree on which faith but we believe in god. not all of it. we don't jam god down throats but also, we don't need our traditions changed, because here is what is happening on the ground today. teachers at a second grade class
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in massachusetts have given an assignment to their class, make a drawing, a christmas drawing, something that reminds you of christmas. well, 8-year-old student knew exactly what he wanted to draw. he and his family had just visited a nearby national shrine of and our lady and they have accrues fiction statue in that shrine, so this is what the 8-year-old drew, perfectly appropriate, a stick figure of jesus hanging on a cross. maybe, maybe more appropriate for easter, but it still works. christmas is, after all, that guy's birthday, the crucifix happened to be fresh in the mind of this 8-year-old boy. now, imagine this 8-year-old boy. he must have been so excited to see how his teacher's reability, like ralphie in the red rider story and just hike when ralphie's teacher responded with you'll shoot your eyes
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out! this boy was completely devastated. in stead of saying what is that? it is a crucifix of jesus, we went as a family, no, no, no. instead of the teacher doing that, even giving the kid praise, the teacher immediately sent this 8-year-old home and then ordered that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation. a psychiatric evaluation. you might say where is the common sense here, the common sense of the system. the school says protocols with in place and followed. they had the safety net in place. people looked at that and said, oh, yeah, he may be dangerous. they thought the picture of jesus fit in the risk category. next, let's go to new jersey, third grader getting ready for quiet time in school, during this time, the kids can read a book, sleep, rest, whatever you
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want. a little girl. her name is mariah. she decides to read her bible, technic hi still a book. the teacher walks over and tells her that the bible is not appropriate reading material, and she has to put her bible away. mariah, a little upset and confused. it's a book. i can read a book. there must be something wrong with this book. do you see what's happening? 92% believe in god. 64% celebrate jesus, christmas at birth of jesus, but god is inappropriate. his words inappropriate. where your parents may have taken you is so risky you may need a psychological exam. what? this doesn't match the values of our country, but removing god does fit the progressive agenda. look at what we have here.
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altering history. tea party people. they don't even exist. a koala bear with an i.v. beat them. you got to be kidding me, right? change history! change traditions as well. you can't just wipe it out, though. no, no. you need to replace those traditions with something. i showed you last night they're replacing the traditions of god, with what? the earth. and we are constantly being force fed the progressive agenda through intentional propaganda, propaganda i have shown you on this program, and nobody else really is dug into this and it is amazing that the networks haven't. n.e.a. propaganda, obama care is worse than hillary care so they create illusion of support through art. those who stand up for the constitution, free speech isn't highlighted, no, no, no, you're part of some right wing militia. if you're not convinced global warming is man made, then that giant ball in the sky, that fireball, maybe it is
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fluctuating in some spots, no, no, you're a flat earther. no, you think the landing on the moon was a fake. you're a holocaust denier, get out of here! get out your tinfoil hat! why, i don't believe this is the kind of tinfoil hat they were talking about, but howdy, ma'am. if you believe in lower taxes, well, you're an opposing voice, no, no. you just hate poor people. tea partygoers, you are just crossed out of the history books. you don't exist. that's going to leave a lot of blank pages in history books, isn't it? so what's being put? dateline, wisconsin, teachers at a wisconsin school will now have to teach the history of organized labor, not just one school, all schools, under a bill signed by governor jim doyle. doyle added that he was, quote, happy to sign the bill so students would understand the importance of the labor movement.
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now, we're talking wisconsin, right? i mean, i'm not up on my wisconsin labor union history, but i imagine the cheese unions were crucial in building wisconsin, but just go with me here for a second. which has been better for wisconsin, jesus christ or the labor unions? now, imagine if the governor came out and signed a bill forcing kids to learn about the positives of jesus christ in textbooks. ya think there would be anybody saying anything about it? where are the teachers? when a a politician cannot only say what to write because of a special interest group but because of the importance of it, the spin of it, when they are out of power, who gets their turn at indoctrination? every member of the teachers union should be screaming at the top of their lungs. every parent should be screaming at the top of their lungs. they are changing that our hist. they changing our traditions and they are indoctrinating our children, but if this is the way it has to be, well, then, go
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ahead. you write it. you have your children right here at 5:00 every day, because i'm going to fill in some of the blanks of the labor unions, at least the blanks of the last 18 months. watch. >> for the past year, the service employees international union and the power of its near hi 2 million members has been really busy fulfilling president obama's goal of fundamentally transforming america, and we all should have seen it coming. >> your agenda has been my agenda in the united states senate, before debating healthcare, i talked to andy stern and seiu members. >> at one point, white house records showed that andy stern had visited more than anybody else, about 2 dozen times, plus, who could forget when the committee of residents and interns of seiu healthcare came to the white house, and 20 doctors in their white coats flanked the president back in october? what happens when you disagree with seiu's push for a public
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option, for instance, handing out "don't tread on me" flags? oh, this fight took place outside a healthcare town hall in st. louis. the man assaulted is kenneth gladney. two of six thugs charged with beating him up were, surprise, surprise, seiu members. according to glad ny's attorney, the goons demanded to know why a black man was handing out the flags and then the punches started happening. seiu is busy looking for america to count illegals in the census. according to seiu's website, it is in the people's best interest to be counted because the u.s. census is how our country makes decisions about allocation of resources and local representation, regardless of race or immigration status." even if it's not in the people's best interest, it certainly would be in the union's best interest to pump the population, therefore installing more representatives who could get more government funding for the
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progressive agenda. seiu spent $75 million helping get democrats elected including donating a reported $28 million to president obama's campaign. andy stern! you're starting to sound a little bit like a fat cat. and it looks like their efforts are being rewarded. after members of wisconsin teacher's union and other union members gave a quarter million to get the wisconsin governor elected he signed a bill requiring organized labor to be taught in schools, ensuring the next generation is indoctrinated with the union ideals. the only questions that remain is, will all of this make the history
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glenn: yesterday we left off at the glenn beck program, i was
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telling you about fat cats, based on what obama said on "60 minutes" about wall street fat cats. watch this. >> i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know, fat cat bankers on wall street. the only ones that will be paying out these fat bonuses are the ones that have now paid back that tarp money. glenn: all right. so the fat cat -- i was thinking about this. this is how i defined it last night because this is the way they are dree fining it, banking scum, wall street thieves an crooks an liars and then i showed you that the obama administration is full of those kinds of people. well, fat cat also includes wealthy contributors to political campaign funds. well, we know we have banking scum and wall street thieves and crooks and liars in there. does he have any other fat cats there? did any of these people contribute to the obama campaign? they're in the white house? oh, yeah. let's start up here. valerie jarrett, former chairman
2:25 am
of the board of the chicago stock exchange, and for the primary and the general, she donated -- are you ready, $2,300. well, that's the max for the obama campaign. former investment banker, manufacturing czar, on bloom, investment banker, remember, banking scum, yeah. $2,300. ok. this guy, love that, change you can believe in, former car czar, steve rattner, whoa! $4,600. that, you can do -- this is the max you can do for one. this is the max you can do for two. the veteran wall street fat cat turned obama's tarp czar, herb alison, he's up there, too, $4,600, baby. i feel like jerry lewis! what is the tote board going to be at the end? chopra, car czar, $2,50o we have a goldman bigwig right there,
2:26 am
jerry gunseller. he dropped down -- 4,600. is this pay as you go, if you're going to go into the white house, you have to pay? we have goldman alum, diana farrell, she, too, $2,300. are you seeing the pattern here? you got it? overall, the goldman employees and its p.a.c. gave obama almost $1 million. do we have the p.a.c.? here they are, goldman sachs, yeah. remember, goldman sachs, the ones giving out all the big bonuses, citigroup, jpmorgan chase. here is citi. here is morgan stanley. here is what they gave -- a lot of money. morgan was $700,000. -- or morgan stanley was $500,00o $700,000 for citigroup. almost $1 million for jpmorgan. i mean, it's a lot. now, what about the fat cat tax cheat? well, we have tom daschle. where is tom. there is tom right here in the
2:27 am
red glasses like sally jessy raphael. $4,30o ok. he didn't pay his taxes, but maybe because he used all his money to help obama. u.s. trade representative ron kirk. he had his share of tax problems, too, is this ron kirk? this is ron kirk, isn't it? he had his share of tax problems, $4,600 as well for obama. governor bill richardson, withdrew as candidate for commerce secretary because of a silly grand jury investigation, but not before he gave $2,300! fat cats! health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, she forked over -- look at her, a modest $250. good for her. of course, it may have been low that year because she also had tax problems. hilda salis, her husband had a tax snafu, she donated -- is this hilda? yeah. she donated $2,000. taxes, again, so she couldn't do the whole thing. we can't forget about some of sf
2:28 am
obama's white house visitors. andy stern, yes, more than 20 times this year at white house. he only donated $750 to the obama campaign, but his union made up for it -- are you ready? $28 million, and $75 million to get the democrats elected in 2008. what was it, $70 million did i say? it was $75 million. wow, that's about -- that's fat, but the biggest fat cat of all, the fattest of the fat, fat, huge and fat, george soros. i like to call him lord of the underworld. lord of the underworld of fat
2:29 am
cats. he is the fat cat lord of of the underworld, that's who he is. he came out strong for change, donating $4,400 directly to obama and untold millions to left wing progressive groups. mr. president, i think i get your point. these fat cats are very bad, they're evil, and i would like to throw you a challenge here. it should be an easy one for you. you don't like the fat cats. you took more than $14 million from the security and investment industry in 2008, more than $3 million from the commercial banking industry. if you hate them so much, stop taking their money, and employing them. you're supposed to be the grass ootses guy. this shouldn't affect you in any way, and if you refuse, well, please explain how the fat cat thases you take money from are better than the fat cats you have a habit of scolding. what have they done to help? i would love to know, but until that time, please make a pledge, take no more money from any of the global corporations or the
2:30 am
banks, and unlike the transparency of the healthcare debate we will see on c c-span and you're not going to employ any lobbyists and stuff like, that what do you say you actually hold to this promise? it's crazy. give that one a whirl. i said it all along, principles over party. principles. well, one senator apparently agrees with me, i say kind of, maybe, but his party reportedly very angry, and allegedly making threats. this one borders treason, i believe. coming up.e, faster and easier
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bill. join me at the top of the hour. glenn: no matter what you might read about me or this program, we try very hard to get our stories right and we try very, very hard to make sure that it is accurate and there's no reason to make stuff up. i mean, the stuff that is out there, it's crazy. this story that i'm about to give to you here in the next few minutes is probably the most outrageous story -- in fact, it is the story that i have paused three times an gone back to my producers today and said "are you sure we have enough on this one? are you sure we have enough?" because this is a story i do not
2:36 am
want to believe, but if it is true, we're in a different world. we know that this administration practices chicago hardball politics, but this goes far beyond any tactic i can imagine any president, no matter how much i disagree with him, he is still the president of the united states, and i cannot believe that anyone in the white house would do this to pass his agenda, but this morning, there was one source, and today i'm told there are three separate sources. michael gold fash at the weekly standard, full disclosure unless you don't know who he is, he was the communications director of the mccain campaign. "the weekly standard" is conservative. he confirmeded to me today thate had a senate aide inform him that the white house had threatened to put nebraska air force base on the brac list, the brace realignment and closure
2:37 am
list. if senator ben nelson doesn't fall in line with healthcare, they will close this base. senator nelson has denied this story this afternoon. the white house denies this story, but goldfarb and "the weekly standard" are standing by their source and now two others. senator nelson has been against several portions of this bill from the beginning and still holding out for taxpayer money not to be used to fund abortions but the left cannot allow that one to fall through as well. they need to is that in there for the progressives. thus, the allegation is the white house has stepped up to use now the u.s. military and the security and defense of the united states of america as a bargaining tool against nelson. the nebraska base is the headquarters for u.s. strategic command. it is in nebraska for a reason. the successor to strategic air command, it was the place used by president bush during the
2:38 am
uncertain hours of 9/11, do you remember, where we didn't know exactly where he was? he was there. it's strategic command. it's in nebraska for a reason. the obama administration is possibly, and i can't bring myself to say these words because it is abhorrent if it is true but it fits the pattern. they're playing politics with the national security of the united states f it is true, that's exactly what they're doing for healthcare. does it seem implausible was the question that was asked to me several times by producers? does it seem mawsible to plussible to you? a year ago i would say yes. today i bring up the three navy seals facing court-martials for giving one of the most vile sought-after terrorists on the plan's the fat lip after they captured him. would you believe the president
2:39 am
could sit on a recommendation from his general that he appointed on the ground in afghanistan for months, pleading for more troops, more months, more months, pleading, we're going to lose this thing, troops' lives are on the line. would you believe even six months ago that after the slaughter of 13 u.s. soldiers on a u.s. military base, of u.s. soil, when the president steps up to inform the country about that tragedy, he would spend two whole minutes talking about someone else before making the announcement, and then sending a shoutout before talking about fort hood. >> i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that dr. joe medicine pro was around and i want to give out a shoutout to that congressional medal of honor. good to see you. look what happened to senator joe lieberman yesterday.
2:40 am
to get him to tow the line, lee siegel at the daily beast said he needed to start acting jewish and vote for the bill. liberal democrats with calling for a recall election in connecticut. the goose ball shakespeareian wannabe announced joe lieberman, just resign already! leeb lieberman e wife was attacked. liberal bloggers called for her to be fired from her position as a global many ambassador for the komen breast cancer foundation because of her husband's views! we have seen plenty of extortion and the politics of absolute destruction from this white house. they're also capable of what i would believe -- i mean, i can't believe it's not called out and out bribery. louisiana senator mary landrieu, she was bought off with $300 million carrot for her state. >> i am not going to be defensive about asking for help in this situation, and it is not
2:41 am
a $100 million fix. it is a $300 million fix. glenn: the rabid progressives don't care how they accomplish their goals. the ends justify the means. this book, this guy just last week said about me, we've got to shut glenn beck up by any means necessary. that's how they do their work, but this, using the military and our strategic command as a pawn, threatening to weaken our national security defenses to fulfill your utopian social justice agenda? to me, that borders on treason! no one, no one, no one wants to believe that the president of the united states or any of his advisors would stoop to these kinds of tactics, but what are we supposed to believe here? senator ben nelson, who even if the story is true, would obviously deny it to protect his
2:42 am
party and the president, or do we take the story at face value based on the preponderance of evidence of chicago thugery we have already seen? i don't have time to tell you about the story about the other two guests that went into the white house and just had breakfast with the president. this is two couples now and a convicted felon now in three weeks. did everybody in the secret service have an aneurysm? or is somebody changing the game on us? something is wrong, very wrong. as we get closer to the end of the year, obama's poll numbers continue to drop. they seem to be getting more and more desperate at the white house. i understand that no one at the guest-owned nbc is interested in anything any more, and "the new york times" toeing the line as they hold out for their bailout money, but someone, somewhere, must be interested are in journalism besides this program, and "the weekly standard," so is
2:43 am
there anyone who would like to report on this, report on this story, the possible white house extortion techniques? probably not, not unless tiger woods is sleeping with one of the sexy persons at the air force base, then they will cover it. by the way, in an update from a story last night, speaking of people sleeping with other people, remember the story of joe lieberman i just told you about again? the woman going after his wife, i told you about her yesterday, she dated for two years andy stern. our sources say she just left when she met him, and by the end she was just a leftist, and by the end, she was a guerilla activist. what a surprise. up next, the editor of the weekly standard who first reported on this story and some pushback on
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glenn: rahm emanuel, barack obama, two lovers sitting in a tree, beating. what is it barack obama promised on the campaign trail? a new kind of politics. america didn't think new politics would be worse than the old politics but here is what the new politics is -- you don't agree with the administration, well, i tell you what, you know what i'm saying, you want to
2:48 am
stand in the way of reform, no longer is it a gentlemen's disagreement that can be debated, no, no, no. you're going to play ball, or you're going to get a beatdown. this is the most outrageous story that we have reported on and we have reported on outrage scwus stories, and the homework on this has not been done on me or my staff, this one is from mike goldfarb, on-line of weekly standard and former communications director for mccain in 2008. people will say you're a political hack. why should we believe a guy who is a communications director for the mccain campaign? >> i got a perfect track record, you know, i have never made up a story before. i hope that will be enough. glenn: ok. mike, i talked to you this morning, i don't remember what it was, 10:00 when i first heard this story, and it fits the m.o.
2:49 am
that we have been seeing, but you have changed your story from this morning. you said that you felt it was -- your source said it was rahm emanuel. did i mishear you? have you changed the story? now it is someone in the white house. can you tell me what happened? >> look, what happened was i got a call yesterday, and a source of mine at the senate told me that ben nelson's office had gotten a call threatening to put the air force base there on the brac list if he did not play ball. subsequently i put that up quickly, he told me look, this is obviously a naked play by rahm emanuel. that was the exact quote i had in the story. as interest in this story continued, i went back to my source and got more details, and the one thing we know for certain is that the white house
2:50 am
put in a call -- glenn: hang on. back in a
2:51 am
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2:53 am
glenn: back with mike goldfarb, on-line editor of the weekly standard and he broke the story today that says that senator ben nelson is being threatened by the white house now to either sign on for healthcare or lose the air force base that is strategic command. this is not any air force base, this was strategic air command. if you grew up when i did, you know exactly what this base is. it was put there strategically for reasons, and is the place that george bush went to for 9/11. ok, so, mike, you were saying that you do know that the white house made the call. >> yes, according to the source,
2:54 am
and look, as my source told me, he said look, this was clearly done by somebody who didn't understand the brac process. it is not a credible threat. the brac process won't begin again until 2012, 2013 but clearly they wanted to exert pressure and it's evidence of the desperation of the white house. nelson has not signed on to this yet and they are using whatever they can to push him to do it, but look, it is part of a pattern we are seeing where they played politics with national security most of the year. they delayed the afghanistan troop decision because they didn't want to rock the boat on healthcare until finally it was no longer possible, and they wanted to have healthcare done a month ago long before they made that decision. they have done the same thing with gitmo, exactly. glenn: but i think they put illinois at risk, quite honestly. >> and they have done it on iran sanctions which is pushed off to the new year so they can try and resolve this healthcare mess. they are doing all kinds of things with national security to try and get healthcare.
2:55 am
glenn: we have seen the betdowns of the chamber of commerce, and we saw it with humana. they went after humana, and i'm looking at some of the other things. we have the chrysler bondholders. they got a beatdown. i mean, anybody who won't play ball get -- >> that's them asking citizens to turn in their neighbors at or they wanted people to report neighbors making sus suspicious statements about healthcare, and obviously went to war with fox news, but you know, the funny thing here is this is not a very credible threat they have made to nelson. they lost the war against fox news. glenn: i'm sorry, michael, it doesn't matter if it's credible or not that they could do it. the fact that they threatened it, it is our national security. erthere comes a point, anyone in the white house, there comes a point where you have crossed far
2:56 am
too many lines. this is on the lunatic fringe if this, indeed happened. michael, thank you very much.
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
glenn: during the break, our white house -- one of our white house guys sent a response from the white house on what we were just talking about. oh, wait, i don't have time to share it with you. i will tomorrow. it is outrageous. the name of the india river


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